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Morning Temptations

3 May 21

If you always wante dto play with couple of hot lezzie ladie sthen this game will give you such opprotunity right here and now. So join this couple of young models and help them to turn this usal morning into memorable one! Gameplay is based on quest mechanics and first of all you will have to get an active spot when game will switch into active mode (you will understand that becasue cursor will change its appearance into target sign) and left-clicking on them for activation. Some actions will launch diminutive animations just for fun while the others will move the main story forward. And sometimes you will have to find additional spots while the previous action is still happening so once again - pay attention to your cursor changing its shape.

Escape from Sex-Island

4 May 21

This is the story of a young damsel who was flying over the Pacific Ocean. But her plane crashed and crashed on some strange island. There are signs of civilization on the island, but everything looks very abandoned. Sometimes the woman sees traces of animals and some strange people. After a short walk on the island, the woman gets into camp. There she sees a hairy local savage. He smells the woman and attacks. The savage, having ripped off the woman's clothes, starts fucking the woman in the gash and backside, despite the fact that the woman resists. After hitting the savage on the head with a stick, the woman runs away. So your mission is to help the woman escape from the romp island. Use the arrow keys to navigate the island. Start your romp adventure right now.

Splendid Magic 5

6 May 21

5 a part of an interactive flash game a few wizard and a fairy Kingdom. During this attention-grabbing and attractive flash game, you play as a young wizard living in a very fairy-tale Kingdom. He practices varied kinds of magic which will facilitate him create an journey and marry a princess. This is often a fucking attractive and curvy blonde. So, the game starts close to the house wherever the wizard lives. You want to move forward to your goal, overcoming obstacles and traps. There'll be several riddles on your means - you want to solve them with the assistance of magic. You may even be fucking women in a very building. That is very stunning. However the most goal of the game is to rearrange a date with the princess. Then you'll be able to fuck her royal cunt. If you're able to prolong associate journey, get it on immediately.

MrPinku Noose Guest room Break away

7 May 21

In this short game your task is to locate some documents in the house and bring them to your friend. Sneak around the room, collect items and perform several tasks to strip Jabby, but don't get caught. Use mouse to point and click.

Giles Journey

8 May 21

Giles is the name of the main character of this interactive story. Giles is a simple farmer and goatherd and he would probably be very happy if all of that have stayed as it is but he wants to marry the tavern keeper's daughter. And it looks like this grumpy old man don't mind too much... but only if Giles will complete a very special quest for him first! After that Giles will go on a journey which will obviously beocme the greatest adventure in his lifetime but how exactly it will go and how it will end will depend on you - as a palyer you will be making a lot of choices for Giles through this journey and even taking part in turn-based battles with many enemies! And this is not mentioning the multiple temptations and bang-out scenes all along the way!

USSR Sex Traveler

9 May 21

Sadly or not but these days you can travel in the USSR only through interactive entertainments like this onehere but at least you will be doing it with all the required attributes - here you will be playing as a foreign agent who gets an extra important mission of saving the worldand for that you will have to seduce a whole bunch of russian hotties! Sound both crazy and fun - just like the adult game about the USSR should be! But it won't be simple at the same time and during this journey you will also have to solve a whole bunch of quizes that will test your knowledges... or your luck since no one has cancelled the lucky guess in picking the right answer! But if you want to see hot ladies getting nakedthen having at least some knowledges is welcomed.

Franks adventure 4 Glamourville

9 May 21

Frank is always ready to conquer new horizons and looks like this glamorous town seems to be the perfect place to become next in his list. Explore both fancy and hidden sides of the town, meet various characters and complete quests, collect, buy or get in any other ways any useful items - all of these should help you to seduce as a number of the local hotties as possible! Oh, and beware of the automobiles when crossing the road!

Steal the Panties

11 May 21

The main goal of this arcade game with hentai elemenst is actually already revealed in it's own title - here you will be stealing hot ladies' panties! Ofcourse the more panties you will need the higher the stakes will get so don't expect this to be an easy ride yet be sure if you will get enough of trophies during the adventure then reward will be remarkable as well. We won't tell you anything more about the story or the rewards though becaue the best way to enjoy what is hidden under the panties is not to listen for someone's stories but to pull them down and witness everything by yourself! But be carefull because since this game is anime based who knows what kind of suprises you might reveal... More hentai arcades you can always find on our website.

Mom's Halloween Special

14 May 21

After an all night Halloween party mommy wants to continue the party with you in private. She has some special surprise for you. Follow her into the bedroom or find the hidden objects left in the room to reestablish their spirits. Click on her body parts for customization or action.

The Legend of LUST - Upsidedown (7th update)

15 May 21

You can play this interactive video game to learn the tale of what occurs in hell. There are strange and wicked things that happen there, in addition to violence and torture. A youthful demon embarks on an expedition to discover this novel and thrilling realm. She needs to experience every circle of hell in order to comprehend her fate. The demon appears quite attractive. She has a round ass, tight pink pussy, and thick lips. She also possesses large, lovely watermelons. She has the appearance of Satan's damned queen. Thus, she travels through the circles of hell, vanquishes troublesome monsters, and approaches the main antagonist. This enormous demon is watching over a rich trove. The Demoness must use her sexuality to overcome him. And then kill him with fucking.

Illuminati - The Game

15 May 21

According to the story of this game the Illuminati Sopciety actually exists andeven better - your father happens to be the member of it's top! Yet time goes by and now you become the pretendent on taking this place but before this will finally happen you obviosuly should proove that you are worthy. In order to do that you will be xploring the town, visiting dffernet locations, meet various charactersand take part in many types of quests and adventures most of which might seem to be quite questionable from the perspectives of honesty and morality... but not for the one who is making his way to the tops of Illuminati Society ofcourse! So have as much fun as only possible and fuck as many hot chicks as you can during this exciting journey!

franks escapade 2

16 May 21

Frank is back for more exciting adventures on the streets of big city filled with lots of problems to solve... but the main problem is actually still the same - big titties themed magazine has not enough photos to complete next issue and since Frank has already shown how good he is at getting erotic photos from different ladies he meets in the streets he is going to help this magazine as well! So push start button and get your flight in the Metro-City - new playgorund for Frank! Explore it, find and gather useful items, meet different people and ofcourse try to stay alive when crossing the streets - the traffic here is even more active than in previous game! And if you enjoy this adventure as well then don't forget to check our website wher eyou already can enjoy vignettes 3 and 4!

Killer Magic

17 May 21

If you like games in which there is magic and ancient kingdoms, wolves and princesses, then this game is for teui. So, you play as a young wizard who lives in a fairy kingdom. He practices various types of magic that will help him make an adventure and marry a princess. This is a damn sexy and big-titted blonde. So, the game begins near the house where the wizard lives. You must move forward towards your goal, overcoming obstacles and traps. There will be many puzzles on your way - you have to solve them with the help of magic. You will also fuck women in the tavern. That's very beautiful. But the main goal of the game is to get a date with the princess. And then you can fuck her royal cooch. If you are ready to go looking for adventure, do it right now.

Mom's Fresh Bf 2

22 May 21

The story about not so simple relations between Melanie and her mom's boyfriend named Patrick will continue in this game and as you have probably already guessed Melanie will not be satisfied with fucking her mommy's boyfriend juts once so now she will be constantly looking for an opportunity to do that again. And not that Patrick was against it but they should be very carefull if they don't want to get caught. Will they happen to fuck once again? Ofcourse they will but how and when exactly this will happen you will figure out only when playing the game! The genre of the game is a visual novel with quest elements so if you will happen to stuck in some sequence just try to type in the word"dad" in order to get a hint on what you should do next.

Pussymon 17

24 May 21

The adventures go on in the world of Pussyons and the 17th chapter is already here. So gather up and get ready to take part in one of the biggest updates for this hentai parody game series so far! Yet this game will be different in few directions from the previous chapters. First of all you will be unsheathing the myth of the Hydragodon which will take the significant part in the main story so it is definitly not recommended to miss this scene if you care for the overall story of this world. Also among interesting decisions there will be a chance to get new pussymons not by hunting for them but through winning in minigames but in order to keep the spirit of exploration any further details you will have to figure out by yourself. Best of luck!

Fuck Quest

27 May 21

In this game you will be working as photographer at some"anime" oriented magazine. But instead of spending all day in the four walls at the studio you will be actually running all around the town streets in search for new models that will make the pages of each new issue of the magazine more attractive! Yep, you got it right - you will need to find enough models who will be ready to pose nude in front of your camera! And as you can expect finding the chick is only part of the solution and most of them will need their personal quests to be performed before you will get what you need. Besides these quests you will also need to locate some side jobs because having a good amount of money in your pocket will obviously make your main task much easier to complete.

Queen's Brothel v.12.2

15 September 21

Some become the queens of kingdoms while some becomes the queens of sluts... and clearly the second kind of adventurers is way better for an adults only game for sure! So the main heoirne is one hot looking lady (and yes, she had some titles in the past yet this is something that you will learn from the story as well) is trying to gain all the power in her hands through sex. At first she will have to do most of the 'dirty 'jobs herself yet as soon as her business will grow she will involve more and more of various talents from here and there...


24 September 21

Even though the title of this game sounds like some fun fantasy themed adventureyou should remember that this is a hentai game as well. So once a group of three girls happens to enter the forbidden troll's cave they are going to doom themselves on a grimm and rough consequences andas you have probably already guessed they are going to get fucked. A lot! Actually they will be turned into a total sex slaves for the mystical creaturesyet may be not everything is lost and if they will stay strong enough no matter who and what will be doing to them they might have a chance to get out of this hentai nightmare... or not. But if you want to know for sure then you have only one option to figure it out and it is to play the game by yourself here and now!

Chosen of Xixrelk v.5

14 January 22

Like many other games for adult audience this one is going to be focused on the relations between the master and his elven slavegirl... only this timeyou will be playing not as the master! That's right - this time you will be living through an adventure as the elven chick who has to perform all of her master's orders inclduing the most recent one which is retrieving ten items of highest importance. Ofcourse they are scattered all over the world and you will have to visit a lot of places and meet a lot of characters to get these items. And as we have told earleir this game belongs to 'adults only' genre so travelling and talking will be just the part of your job while the other part will include a lot of seduction and fucking! Already excited?

Sexy Redhead in RoPaS Castle

21 February 22

Tonightyou are going to have some kinky funtime with redhead slut named Ella but first you will need to not oly find the proper room in the corridors of the maze-like old castlebut also to solve quest of getting access to this room! The quest will be based on the classic rock-paper-scissors minigame but in order to solve it you will have to find all the proper items first and only then you will get requried key. The exploration of rooms and corridors will be happening from first person perspective yet thanks to the map it should not be too much of a problem. Also you will see a lot of other objects here and there but you should not focus your attention on them - they are here only for distraction. Now solve the puzzle and join the party with Ella!

Hot Workplace Taboos 3.2

26 March 22

This game will be about office relations as well as about figuring out the ways to do your job while not knowing much what exactly you have to do... well, pretty much like an everyday office life it is. You are playing as a newbie in some big IT company and you need to perform your duties as effective as you only can. So find all the useful objects, have conversation with all important characters and do other things - all to proove that you are one valuable worker... and one astonishing lover!

Erotic Magazine

14 May 22

In this interactive adventure you will be playing as a photographer who has to turn from a mere employee into a saviour of an once popular magazine. That's right - the slaes of the magazine get lower and lower so you will have to find the way to bring back it's popularity and for that you will have to try few different options. Which one of them will work? That's what you are supposed to figure out!

Princess Quest

16 May 22

Princess Aurora as mighty warrior with big sword, Elsa as a magician in quite revealing outfit, Jasmine as sneaky rouge whose sexy looks helps her with distraction part of the missions a lot - if you ever wanted to see how your favorite Disney's characters would look like not in candy-tasted fairytale but in dangeorus fantasy adventure for adults only then this game is exactly what you need!

What a Legend

6 June 22

In search for getting laid our main hero goes to the big city hoping for better lick there. Yet it is not luck what makes the things go round in cities but the talent of making deals. There he meets mysterious woman who offers him a solution for his 'problem 'but first he must complete very important quest. Is this some trick or is this his chance to become a legened? You will never know until you will play this game yourself!