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26 March 18

The 3D game where amphitheater combat is honored was appealing. But, it also featured a full-breasted Amazon woman. Spartika is the name she uses. Spartika is a fighter in the arena to earn freedom. Sometimes, fights in the arena end abruptly. For instance, there would be lewd and dirty sex in the amphitheater. Spartika loves the end of the fight. You will need to have quick reflexes and flexibility to search your opponents while still finding advanced ways to win. But the battle scenes are always dynamic. Then, conquer the amphitheater and kill your enemies.

Onslaught of Giant Penises

12 April 18

That is right - that the manking is under attack! But this time the menace comes not from some aliens or zombies or even suddenly got monkeys - this time our herooes will have to survive thru an attack of giant penises! And since you'll find the area at the first row as you'll be playing one of main characters of this game you'll observe it is going to be one bloodstained and at times fairly desperate effort of surving. Eeverything else you'll need to determine on your own during the very final mins prior to giant penise will brake into your cabin where you're hoping to conceal... The game combines sci-fi and horror type of narrative with gameplay using quest and action mechnaics so it won't be bland for sure.