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(+18) Into the Forest Ch.2

7 May 21

The action of this exciting HTML five computer game begins on a beach. The protagonist is reposeful and enjoying the read of the ocean. Suddenly, a unadorned woman falls on him. Oh my gods. She has one hell of a cute smile, massive and soft watermelonsand a good ass. The woman calls you clergymen. However that is not you. Is that this a dream? No, this can be reality. You begin reprehension the woman, absent-mindedly observing her pink nipples. Suddenly there's a howl and roar within the woods. Some kind of monster is approaching. You need to do one thing to take the monster out and shield the woman. After all, you have got plans for it. So, you hit the monster over the pinnacle with farming tools. Additional and additional till the monster runs away. Currently let's come back toto dating. Determine the continuation of this story straight away.

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