Lisa Simpson

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Treehouse Of Horror #2 (Spanish)

29 November 22

Special parody comics series knownas "Threehouse of Horror" draws familiar characters from the cartoon series "The Simpsons" and reintroduces them in classic, but still familair horror stories. In addition, there is a lot of sexual content, of course! The story will focus on uncovering the beastly nature that is a part of each human, but it will be done in a more concrete terms...

[Comics Toons] Dreams come true (The Simpsons)

29 November 22

The parody comics offer is the chance to look at the alternate futures of your favorite characters from "The Simpsons" cartoon show where Bart becomes the protector of the law and Lisa will show her 'badgirl' side. Since this is a hentai parody the characters will become a bit uncomfortable at some point, but remember that this is just an imagination and fantasy!

Space Slut

29 November 22

The beautiful beauty was awakened on the spaceship. She ventured out to explore the ship and found another specimen. It's a female alien with large breasts and a large daddy. They kiss and get ready to have a sex. The alien bonded with the beauty and they headed to the same planet. Begin watching porn comics now.

(COMIC1☆7) [Kanten Jigenryuu (Kanten)] Tsubaki Chiramuya (BLAZBLUE) [English]

1 December 22

(COMIC1☆7) [Kanten Jigenryuu (Kanten)] Tsubaki Chiramuya (BLAZBLUE) [English] Roronoa Zoro Nikki Wong Lisa Simpson Jubilee Shizuku Sangō Shantae Demitri Maximoff Baby Bonnie Hood Masamichi Fujisawa anal ahegao english translated sole female mind break big breasts bike shorts blazblue kanten jigenryuu kanten | tokoroten anal intercourse tsubaki yayoi BlazBlue Sarah Palin Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Simpso-Rama! (The Simpsons , Futurama) [Croc] - 3 - english

2 December 22

Simpso-Rama! (The Simpsons , Futurama) [Croc] - 3 - english Amy Wong Marge Simpson Lisa Simpson Bart Simpson Philip J. Fry Turanga Leela english big breasts small breasts mother croc monoeye full color blowjob comic stockings milf multi-work series incest voyeurism Futurama Simpsons The Simpsons

[Kogeikun] Slut Night Out (The Simpsons)

2 December 22

[Kogeikun] Slut Night Out (The Simpsons) Lisa Simpson Maggie Simpson Jenny Poussin english mind break nakadashi big breasts bald collar big penis dark skin muscle prostitution huge breasts anal intercourse full color ahegao blowjob group comic stockings anal big ass double penetration already uploaded deepthroat kogeikun big lips Simpsons The Simpsons